Unlimited email sending volume for your success

Bulk Mail Server®

  • I am looking to build up to about 250,000 to 350,000 emails a day; what do you recommend for me?

       We always recommend 1 Server for every 40k-50k /daily bases traffic, If you plan to send once every week, so you may get 1 Server and keep it sending all over the week.

  • Can I use my own software ( Send Blaster, Atomic mail sender or  Maillist King)?

       Yes, of course; or any other email client even ordinary email clients like MSOutlook.\\

  • Is this a vertual dedicated SMTP Sever?

       Yes, its VPS.

  • Do you offer dedicated Clean IPs ?

       Yes, Not blacklisted anywhere, But only one IP with each server.

  • Do you have various server locations subnet series?

       Yes, Our own equipment is located in data centers in Europe, America, Asia – all over the world. You can choose the best location for your projects

  • Do you provide 24/7 support?

       Yes, But only via by email.

  • Does your company offering free DKIM, SPF, rDNS and DMARC setup?

       Yes, of course.

  • Do you provide IP blacklisting and Domain Blacklisting support for free?

       No,Sorry, But we offer onetime recovery for free only to subscriptions that are more than 200.00USD.

  • Are you offering for IP rotation?

       Sorry, we don’t offer.

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