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Wouldn’t it be nice if emails came with a little “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” button like Facebook posts? You would instantly know if your message resonated with people or not.

At AWeber, we made this a reality. We built a sentiment widget — a clickable question at the bottom of our emails that collects immediate feedback from our subscribers. It looks like this:

This single clickable question has completely changed the way we engage with our subscribers.

In this episode of “Win at Email Design,” I speak with AWeber email designer Kim Robbins about the results of adding the sentiment widget to all our emails. We chat about the importance of gathering feedback and how you can use it to optimize your messages and content.

Watch the video above to hear all about the sentiment widget. What kind of feedback would you like to capture from your subscribers? (Click here if you want to add a sentiment tool to your own messages.)

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For more AWeber “Win at Email Design” episodes with yours truly, check out my YouTube page. There, you’ll find tips on how to to structure a welcome email and how to design an email using only text.

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