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Bulk Mail Server®

You should register a domain name to host on your VPS server in order to get more legitimacy to your out going emails, and we don't recommend you to use your current website domain name , that is sending mail shots is not always pure from SPAM risk which may harm your official website domain name.

Ways to host your domain at BMS:

  • (Recommended) You can order a new domain name from our sole partner Jordan Webmaster, they will do the whole technical work for you.
  • You've to use our name servers. Submit a DNS modification request to the company where you registered your domain providing Primary and Secondary Name Server information (ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com).
  • If you choose a third-party DNS server and do not want to host your domain on our name servers, you can add appropriate records into your DNS pointing to your web-server's (VPS) IP address.