Unlimited email sending volume for your success

Bulk Mail Server®

You should expect to receive an acknowledgment letter to confirm that you know and agree to our TOS  for which you should reply and confirm your acceptance.

Then, you should expect to receive the following information after finishing your server setup in aprox. 72hours Max.


Host Account Information
Your Domain Name: www.xxxxx.xxx
Extra Services: smtp-X  
Registration Date: xx/xx/xxxx  
Expiration Date:: xx/xx/xxxx
Renewal cost: xx.xx USD for the next month.  
Technical information: ‎
‎< Server IP address: xx.xx.xx.xx
‎< Plan type: smtp-x
‎< Disk space: xx GB
‎< Port enabled: 25,465 and 587
‎< Incoming mail server: mail.xxxxx.xx OR Server IP address
‎< Outgoing mail server: mail.xxxxx.xx OR Server IP address‎
‎< Webmail login URL
‎< CP login URL
‎< Email Marketer ‎ ‎login URL
‎< Password: XXxxXXXX

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