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Mail server SMTP email send (rate) limit for popular web hosting providers

dots Why do you need to know your web host's SMTP email rate limit

If you run a web site and you plan to send out mass emails (for example, a newsletter), it is advisable to send the emails using an authenticated SMTP mail server that matches the nameserver records for your own domain name. This way, your outgoing emails will not trigger anti-spam filters set to identify phishing emails or spammers. For example, if you run a web site at www.my-web-site.com, our advice is to send the emails from a SMTP server name that resolves to the same domain name (like smtp.my-web-site.com).

However, to prevent spam, many web host providers enforce email send rate limits to their customers. The goal of this article is to show you the email send rate limit and options for most popular web host providers, such as GoDaddy, FastServers, HostWay, RackSpace, iPowerWeb and more.

dots Web Hosting Providers - SMTP limit and email rate limits

Important note: Please do NOT take this information for granted, as your host provider can change its mail server policy without any prior notification. It is always a good idea to contact your host provider and ask about the email send rate, before proceeding with a mass email campaign.

GoDaddy Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by GoDaddy:

GoDaddy email send limit for shared web hosting - no more than 250 relays (recipients) per day.

You can purchase additional relays, in packs of 50.

GoDaddy email send limit for dedicated servers or dedicated virtual servers - no more than 1000 relays (recipients) per day.

GoDaddy other SMTP limits - outgoing messages sent via GoDaddy can not exceed 30Mb per email (including attachments), GoDaddy SMTP restriction expiry method - the restriction is automatically lifted 24 hours after the email send limit was reached.

APlus Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by APlus.net:

APlus email send limit for shared web hosting - no more than 1000 recipients per mailing list AND no more than 500 emails per 30 minutes.

APlus other SMTP limits - max 7Mb for web email or max 20Mb for local email client messages APlus SMTP restriction expiry method - N/A

RackSpace Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
RackSpace.com apparently has no email rate limit, however all outgoing messages must be compliant with the RackSpace Acceptable Use Policy.

Rackspace may test and otherwise monitor your compliance with its requirements, and may block the transmission of e-mail that violates these provisions.

HostWay Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
HostWay allows customers to send emails to mailing lists, using the MailMan service.

The number of mailing list subscribers depend on your hosting plan. Using a MailMan mailing list for spamming can lead to the termination of your web hosting account.

Homestead Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by Homestead:

Homestead email send limit for web hosting - no more than 10 messages per second. All mass emails must be compliant with the Homestead Mass Mailing Policy.

IPowerWeb Email Send Rate Limit
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by IPowerWeb:

IPowerWeb email send limit - no more than 200 emails per hour and 600 emails per day (for newly created account) OR no more than 500 emails per hour and 5000 emails per day.

IPowerWeb other SMTP limits - outgoing messages sent via IPowerWeb can not exceed 25Mb per email, including attachments.

Mailing lists should not exceed 200 recipients.

Bluehost Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by Bluehost:

Bluehost email send rate limit - the default limit is set to 50 emails per hour.

The limit may be raised by contacting the Bluehost support team and explaining why you need the send email limit to be lifted Bluehost other SMTP limits - outgoing messages sent via Bluehost can not exceed 10Mb per email (including attachments) 

* The HostMonster email policy is identical with the one of Bluehost.

LunarPages Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by LunarPages:

LunarPages email send rate limit for shared hosting plans - max 20 emails per minute, 600 emails per hour and 14400 emails per day LunarPages email send rate limit for dedicated server plans - no limit (according to the LunarPages support forum)

1 and 1 (1&1) Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions
The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by 1and1:

1 and 1 email send rate limit - max 99 emails at once 1 and 1 Other SMTP restrictions - each outgoing message must have less than 50Mb (including attachments)


Our usual advice is that implementing sender authentication is a useful way of avoiding your email being incorrectly flagged as spam (i.e., a “false positive”). So you should implement rDNS, DKIM and SPF.

DKIM–DomainKeys Identified Mail–is an important standard for email sender authentication. It allows a recipient to verify that a message really does come from the sending domain that it claims to have come from. Senders publish a public key for their domain and then cryptographically sign their outgoing email, using the corresponding private key. Recipients can then verify the signature, typically as part of the spam filtering process.

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The main tools required to start e-marketing is:

  • A valid email list A good mail list management software: try any FREE software if any, We know a powerful application "Maillist King", but you are not forced to use it, try any FREE software, just Google for "Free Email marketing software OR Free mail list management tool".
  • A high performance PC to handle your campaigns.
  • A reliable SMTP server, (Subscribe to any of our powerful SMTP server plans for a minimum 1 month.) Domain name to grant more legitimacy to your emails.

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What is a reverse PTR record?

PTR record or more appropriately a reverse PTR record is a process of resolving an IP address to its associated hostname. This is the exact opposite of the process of resolving a hostname to an IP address.

PTR is generally a concern for mail, as some mail servers will reject mail originating from IP's that don't have a valid PTR.

Example, when you ping a name mail.somedomain.com it will get resolved to the ip address using the DNS to something like

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Email spam, also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email

A junk mail folder is a virtual inbox for storing ads and often unsolicited electronic mail.

Be sure to check it regularly and every few days you should check your spam folder to make sure no important email messages have accidentally been identified as spam.

Programs within e-mail generally include customization options to move unwelcome messages to a junk mail folder automatically, but often this mail needs to be manually moved to the folder after reaching an in-box.

When e-mail from an undesirable source comes through, typically there is a block list for logging the sender’s e-mail address or extension, subject field, or content keywords and having like messages sent directly to the junk mail folder.

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How to Remove Server IP Address from MSN Hotmail Block Blacklist?

If your emails cannot be delivered or sent to recipients using MSN or Windows Live Hotmail service, chance is the server which is sending the email messages may have been banned or blacklisted due to suspicion of sending spam. When a Windows Live Hotmail or MSN blocks or blacklists a host, all the mails originated from the IP address will get blocked, and returned or bounced with various error messages.

The typical bounced email messages contains the following error messages:

host mx1.hotmail.com[] said: 550 SC-001 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help.

host mx4.hotmail.com[] said: 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address. We recommend enrolling in our Junk Email Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their email list. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your Email/Internet Service Provider for help.

There may be more SMTP reject error codes that are used by Windows Live Hotmail servers as listed on this page.

When a email host or server is in Windows Live or MSN Hotmail blacklist, not emails are delivered even to Spam or Bulk folder. In other words, the emails are not delivered at all, and thus cannot be found on Inbox nor Spam folders. If the emails were delivered, but been found on Spam or Bulk folder, then the domain or mail server is not been blacklisted by Hotmail or MSN.

Hence, the error code returned on the bounced emails should be used to confirm that the host is indeed on the Windows Live blacklist. Note that if the error code is of 400-series (421) which indicates too high volume or too large amount of emails been sent rather than spam, then the IP address or domain is not blacklist too.

Here’s tips on how to remove the IP address from MSN or Windows Live Hotmail blacklist to unban, unblock and whitelist the mail server IP address or domain again for that mails can be delivered properly and promptly.

The main task prior to applying for lifting of blacklist by MSN/Windows Live Hotmail is to ensure that the cause for the blacklist no longer happens. The main cause of blacklist is spam. In such cases, if your server has been compromised or been used without authorization to relay bulk volume of spam, action is required to rectify the issue. But a host can also be rejected or banned by mistake.

In any case, if you have concluded that spam sending issue has been fixed so the mail server should no longer be blacklisted, or that all emails originating from the host is legitimate or opt-in with opt-out feature available.

To begin the process to remove a mail server’s IP address from MSN/Hotmail’s blacklist, visit the following URL to complete and submit Sender Information for Hotmail Delivery form.


Many information is required, such as IP addresses of outbound mail server (as seen by the receiving mail server), whether the server is dedicated or shared, problem description, error messages contained in the bounce messages or SMTP logs, ISP used, operating system used, MTA (mail transport agent) used, mailing list management software used, how are bounce messages (non-delivery reports) handled by the system, frequency of the mailings, volume of the mailings, examples of email accounts on Microsoft’s systems that are the recipients, ability to telnet to port 25 of mx1.hotmail.com from mail servers, results of traceroute to from mail servers, example of email messages with full headers, URL of websites, how are recipients added (subscribed) to the mailing lists, option to unsubscribe (opt out), publishing of Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or Sender ID records for the IP and etc.

While not all information is required, it’s best to give as detailed information as possible in order to help Microsoft to decide if your IP address should be unblocked and removed from the blacklist.

It’s recommended to setup and configure proper SPF and PTR records in DNS for the mail server’s IP address prior to request for the removal from blacklist.

Within 2 or 3 business days, if Microsoft investigates and decides that the host is indeed do not send any unsolicited spam, you will receive an email from Windows Live Hotmail Sender Support Team which indicates that MSN/Windows Live has implemented a fix for the deliverability problem. Note that the removal from blacklist or unban/unblock process may take 24 – 48 hours to replicate completely throughout the Microsoft/Windows Live/MSN system.